WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps, 3 pack - Foodie

WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps, 3 pack - Foodie


Organic cotton WRAPPA custom designs with gorgeous Mushrooms, juicy Mandarins and everyone’s favourite healthy fat, the Avocado!!!

This three pack consists of 1 x 35cm x 32cm (great for leftover dinner, large salad bowls or 1/2 a pumpkin!) and 2 x 25cm squares (perfect for sandwiches, avocados or cut veg).

Wrappa reuasble food wraps are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap which retain the natural moisture of your fresh food.

Naturally antibacterial, Wrappa reusable food wraps are plant based and are made from 100% cotton, two plant based waxes, tree resin and jojoba oil.

Handmade in South Australia.

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