WirePegs now in stock!

Proud to announce we are now stocking WirePegs stainless steel clothes pegs here at Envirotude.

WirePegs come in 3 different grades of stainless steel (201, 304 & 316/Marine Grade) and 2 different diameters of wire. We have elected to only stock the two highest grade steel varieties of their pegs in line with our objectives of only stocking the highest quality products.

We have both the 1.8 and 2.0mm thickness in the 304 grade stainless steel pegs, and the 2.0mm thickness in the marine grade 316 stainless steel pegs. The 1.8mm should be suitable for most conditions with the 2.0mm wire better able to hold on to your Signature Bamboo sheets in higher wind conditions.

We have been users of these products for a while now, and we can definitely say they are a great product. No rust, no stains and no broken pegs! These should outlast me easily - something to pass on to the offspring!!

Tim Waterfall