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Eco Friendly Shopping Australia

About Us

Envirotude is an Australian family owned and operated business created to provide customers with high quality, vegan, non toxic and eco friendly products. We came up with the name Envirotude as a portmanteau (blend of words) of environment and attitude, with the aim of encouraging people to question their attitudes towards our precious environment.


Company Values

High Quality

High quality products play a big role in sustainability. We believe in a minimalistic approach to consumerism in which we make efforts to purchase high quality products and less multiples of short lived products. Fast fashion is a growing issue and it’s not just clothes that are a problem. Long lasting products are key when reducing waste, which is why we personally quality test every product line for longevity and durability.

Eco friendly

Our environment is precious and worth protecting and at Envirotude we are passionate about living an eco friendly lifestyle. Which also means we are passionate about providing our like minded customers with guilt free superior products. We believe that shopping, even for luxurious products, shouldn’t and doesn’t need to come at great cost to our environment.

We strive to use simplistic, minimal and reusable packaging and as much as possible, eliminate single use plastic. Don’t be surprised if your order arrives in repurposed outside packaging!


Veganism is fast growing in popularity for good reason. The list of reasons to go vegan are endless, from health benefits to saving our waterways and oceans. A vegan (or almost vegan) lifestyle is one of the most powerful actions we can do to protect animals, our health and the environment. We strongly support the vegan movement and make sure to provide only vegan and cruelty free products on our website.   


Toxins are everywhere, in our water, in our clothes, in the air and in our food. The negative effects of toxins on our health is significant and something we are passionate about minimising. Envirotude is trying to minimise toxins by choosing suppliers with minimal toxic production systems and products that require the least modifications as possible from its natural state.